Pin Control and Pin Function Selection (LPC40xx)


Learn about the selectable features of pins in the LPC40xx MCU, how to enable/disable these features and how to, select a pin's functionality.

Pin Features

The LPC40xx series chips have pins with the following features

see chapter Chapter 6: LPC408x/407x Pin configuration & Chapter 7: LPC408x/407x I/O configuration

Figure 1. I/O configurations Signals Highlighted (UM10562 LPC40xx Page 122)

  • Open Drain Enable: Enabling this disables the high side MOSFET in of the totem pole configuration, making that pin an open drain.
  • Pin Modes (Only one or none of these can be active at once)
    • Pull-Up Enable:Enabling this turns on the weak pull-down MOSFET in the ohmic region.
    • Pull-Down Enable: Enabling this turns on the weak pull-down MOSFET in the ohmic region.
    • Repeater Mode Enable: Enabling this, will activate the pull up or pull down resistor from the last.
  • Enable Input Invert: Converts a pin configured as an input to active low.
  • Enable Glitch Filter: Enables the 10nS glitch filter.
  • Enable Analog Input: Disables schmitt trigger and enables voltage to pass through analog switch to analog input.
  • There are actually more controls then this depending on the pin type you are using.


Figure 2. Type D IOCON registers (page 132)


Figure 3. Type A IOCON registers (page 138)


Figure 3. Type U IOCON registers. Only has a function (page 140)

Setting Pin Function

Every GPIO pin of the LPC40xx is capable of other alternative functionalities. Pin selection is the method by which a user is able to designate the functionality of any given pin. For example, GPIO Pin 0.0 can alternatively by used for CAN channel 1 receive, UART channel 3 transmit, and I2C channel 1 data line. 


Figure 1B. I/O Pin Select Mux (from LPC2148, for illustration purposes only)

// Example of setting pin function using LPC40xx.h pointers

// Set as UART 0 Transmit U0_TXD
LPC_IOCON->P0_0 = (LPC_IOCON->P0_0 & ~0b111) | 0b100; 
// Set as SSP0_SCK
LPC_IOCON->P0_15 = (LPC_IOCON->P0_15 & ~0b111) | 0b010;


For example, if one desires to configure pin 0.09 to enable a pull-up resistor and open drain mode, one must clear bits 18 & 19 of PINMODE0 register, and set bit 9 of register PINMODE_OD0.

// Using the memory address from the datasheet
*(0x4002C040) &= ~(0x3 << 18);		// Clear bits 18 & 19
*(0x4002C068) |= (0x1 << 9);		// Set bit 9

// Using LPC17xx.h pointers
LPC_PINCON->PINMODE0 &= ~(0x3 << 18);		// Clear bits 18 & 19
LPC_PINCON->PINMODE_OD0 |= (0x1 << 9);		// Set bit 9
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