Getting Started with Preet's Classes

Advise from prior students:

  • I have 8 years experience in the industry and this class is very industry oriented. Pay attention to the code review comments. They're very helpful.
  • Definitely not a beginner's course, so in order to not be overwhelmed, make sure that you have an understanding of c/c++.
  • Try to understand the concepts and do not solve the assignment only for grades, but for knowledge.
  • Know your basics of C and electrical engineering
  • Don't miss class.
  • DO THE LABS. They provide so much essential knowledge and structured understanding of the RTOS concepts
  • Brush up on your c and datasheet reading knowledge
  • Don't procrastinate, This class can get you an interview!!!
  • Start labs early, get comfortable with Git
  • Definitely keep ahead of the homework and start early - the first 6-8 weeks are rough, but things start to connect and the productivity stays the same working through the project even with lesser homework pressure.

Useful Knowledge

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