How to obtain the Board

About the Board

  • LPC1758 User Manual
  • File:2012SJOneBoardSchematic.pdf
  • 512K ROM, 64K(96K) RAM, 1M(2M) SPI Flash, and Micro-SD for storage.
    Arm Cortex-M4 variant contains 96K RAM, and 2Mb SPI flash
  • Built-in Nordic Wireless (Board-to-Board communication)
    Software Stack for Mesh Network
  • 4 Switches and 4 LEDs (both hard-wired)
  • Sensors :
    Temperature, 3-Axis Acceleration, IR (remote control), and Light
  • 2-Digit 7-Segment Display
  • RTC Crystal with Backup Battery
  • Socket for Xbee or Wifi Module (Uart2 or Uart3)
  • Many GPIOs with two SPI, Multiple UARTs, and I2C availability
  • Power from USB or External Power
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