Advise for the Class

Here is some raw feedback from former students:
  • I would Highly recommend that future peers take this class.
  • Reduce amount of concurrent classes / work hours while taking this class.
  • Take this course if you really want to learn, not just to complete credits. If you are not contributing in group project/ group lab assignments, you might get the grades but not what this class is for.
  • Focus on the class heavily during the first month especially given the tedious first couple of labs and the CAN bus lectures.
  • Take CMPE244 first in order to fast pace your learning for this class.
  • Start right from the moment you register your course. knowing required tools, skills and software would help a lot
  • For your personal development: Take the lab assignments and unit tests seriously. This is not for the grade, but for personal learning, because this material is directly applicable to interview questions for Embedded/Firmware engineering positions. I had multiple interviews where I directly used concepts/problem solving skills I developed while completing the lab / project assignments. For the team project: Take the time to discuss among the team members and vote/decide on a weekly "team meeting" time-slot. This will serve as your weekly "planning meeting" where everyone comes together quickly to discuss past progress, plan the next individual assignments, and coordinate the next in-person integration/testing session. Take the time to coordinate weekly in-person integration/testing sessions. This turned out to be most convenient to do on-campus, on weekends. The student union is open on the weekends, and has working space/power outlets. This is a great time to take everyone's individual implementations, and integrate them with the physical hardware, as well as debug all the problems that will inevitably come up.
  • Spend a good amount of time from day one of class in knowing every aspect of assignment.
  • Earnestly engage with the material. Don't take shortcuts or do the bare minimum for labs and project. Get comfortable with the sjtwo workspace and build tools and use them frequently (several times a week). Be honest about your shortcoming and what you don't understand so you can do something about it, there's an economy to honesty. You're here to learn and grow as an engineer.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions or for more examples.
  • Don't leave the labs until the last minute. It's better to make small meaningful progress as you are technically doing your project while doing the labs. Rushing the labs will lead to a lesser project down the road.
  • This is a 3 man project done by 5-6 people. It will seem as if there is not enough stuff for people to do, but there is always something to find to do.
  • Understand CAN bus and how to read sensor datasheets
  • Make teams early and get the hardware part- RC car (it takes time in assembly), sensors and other stuff. Focus on the lectures and labs they will be used in the RC Car software development. And be excited about learning new everyday.
  • Should have good experience in coding and also should have worked on atleast one development board to get the maximum benefit of the class.
  • A strong suggestion to take this course with special interest and prepare in advance a little to get the most out of it


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