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Everything about FreeRTOS

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Articles about C language How to build good C code modules etc.

Embedded Drivers & Real Time Operating Systems

This book covers material that will be utilized in CMPE 146 and CMPE 244

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Song list code module

Collect MP3 song list from the SD card Reference Articles Design a code module Code Modularit...

LED Matrix Driver

Introduction An LED matrix is different from most panel displays. The LEDs are standard tri-co...

I²C (Inter-Integrated Circuit)

What is I2C I2C is pronounced "eye-squared see". It is also known as "TWI" because of the initia...

Lab: FreeRTOS Tasks

Objective Load firmware onto the SJ board Observe the RTOS round-robin scheduler in effect Pr...


Objective To be able to General Purpose Input Output (GPIO), to generate digital output signals,...

LPC40xx MCU Memory Map

What is a Memory Map A memory map is a layout of how the memory maps to some set of information....


Semaphores vs Mutexs Semaphores and mutexes are nearly the same constructs except that mutexes h...

MP3 Project

Project Summary The goal of this project is to create a fully functional MP3 music player using ...

Design a code module

This article demonstrates how to design a new code module. Header File A header file: Shall ...

Volatile Variable

  // volatile int flag; // global memory is part of "BSS" section, guaranteed to be zero (u...

Project Hints

 Git strategy to share common DBC file A common issue for everyone is how to have separate proj...

Project Introduction and Guidelines

Shopping List Four SJtwo Development Kits + 4 CAN Transceivers Bridge and Sensors Accessories ...

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