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Linux System and Network Administration


Everything about FreeRTOS

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Articles about C language How to build good C code modules etc.

Embedded Drivers & Real Time Operating Systems

This book covers material that will be utilized in CMPE 146 and CMPE 244

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Exploring DBC Autogenerated API

  DBC Encode API void can_transmitter_option1(void) { dbc_DRIVER_HEARTBEAT_s heartbeat={}; ...

LAB: RC Car Infrastructure

We are now on a roll . . . we are now going to work with multiple controllers that are interfaced...


Binary Semaphore vs Mutex Binary semaphores and a mutex are nearly the same constructs except th...

LAB: CAN bus

Objective Get a practical experience with CAN bus communication Create hardware circuitry nece...

Lab: Interrupts and Binary Semaphores

Objective Learn how to create a single dynamic user defined interrupt service routine callback d...

Nested Vector Interrupt Controller (NVIC)

Objective This tutorial demonstrates how to use interrupts on a processor. In general, you will ...


Objective Use existing drivers to communicate over UART (GPS module will utilize it). For this...

LAB: Unit testing with mocks

This article is based on unit-testing article and code labs from: Sibros public unit-test wiki ...

SJ2 Development Environment

There are two major components of the development environment: Compile a program for the ARM pr...

LAB: Periodic Scheduler

The objective of this assignment is: Set up your development environment Learn how to run unit...


TODO: Preet to write content regarding startup, bss memory and data memory Here are snippets o...

Class Structure

Description This is a foundation course on building and maintaining a server for Linux professio...

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