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Programming Concepts and Methodology

Introduction to programming; overview of computer organization and introduction to software engin...

Embedded Drivers & Real Time Operating Systems

This book covers material that will be utilized in CMPE 146 and CMPE 244

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MP3 Project

Project Summary The goal of this project is to create a fully functional MP3 music player using ...

Lab Assignment: Watchdogs

Objective Learn File I/O API to read and write data to the SD card This requires micro SD car...

Lab Assignement (in c): I2C Slave

Overall Objective We will setup one SJ2 board as a Master board, and another as a Slave board, a...

FreeRTOS Producer Consumer Tasks

Objective Learn how Tasks and Queues work Assess how task priorities affect the RTOS Queue coo...

SJ2 Board

Work in progress... Board Layout Board Pins   Software Reference This section focuses on th...

Lab Assignment (in C): UART

Objective To learn how to communicate between two devices using UART. Reinforce interrupts by...

Lab Assignment (in C): SPI Flash Interface

The objective is to learn how to create a thread-safe driver for Synchronous Serial Port and to ...

Switch / Case Statements

  Good article to read


Semaphores vs Mutexs Semaphores and mutexes are nearly the same construct except that mutexes ha...

SPI (Serial & Peripheral Interface)

What is SPI SPI is a high-speed, full-duplex bus that uses a minimum of 3 wires to exchange data...

Course Coding Standards

Existing Code Structure Remember that consistency is more important than standards.  That means...

Lookup Tables

Objective To discuss lookup tables and how to use them to sacrifice storage space to increase co...

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