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Everything about FreeRTOS

Useful Knowledge

Articles about C language How to build good C code modules etc.

Embedded Drivers & Real Time Operating Systems

This book covers material that will be utilized in CMPE 146 and CMPE 244

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Project Introduction and Guidelines

Shopping List Four SJtwo Development Kits + 4 CAN Transceivers Bridge and Sensors Accessories ...

x86 Dissassembly

Purpose of this assignment is to reverse engineer x86 assembly language of C code. #include <...

LAB: Geo Controller

In this lab, we will add the Geological Controller to your RC car. Please review this article to ...

LAB: RC Car Infrastructure

We are now on a roll . . . we are now going to work with multiple controllers that are interfaced...

LAB: CAN bus with DBC

Objective of this lab is to: Define CAN message types in a DBC file Auto-generate code base...

Exploring DBC Autogenerated API

  DBC Encode API void can_transmitter_option1(void) { dbc_DRIVER_HEARTBEAT_s heartbeat={}; ...

Navigating a Processor's Reference Manual

  Overview Even though our project mostly utilizes pre-developed drivers for ADC, GPIO, CAN, e...

LAB: Unit testing with mocks

This article is based on unit-testing article and code labs from: Sibros public unit-test wiki ...

Unit-Test Basics and Mocks

Overview Here is a mental model for how to think about unit tests. We are focusing on understand...


In the past, we needed to setup special tools on a local computer (i.e.: your laptop) to test sof...

Lab: Queue

Part 1 Write the unit-tests first, and then the implementation for the following header file: #...

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