SJ2 Development Environment

There are two major components of the development environment:

  • Compile a program for the ARM processor (such as the SJ2 board)
  • Compile a program for your host machine (your laptop)

Get started with the development environment by either:

  1. Download and install Git and then SJ2-C repository
  2. Go to the SJ2-C repository and download the zip file

Compile the SJ2 project

Most of the documentation related to the ARM compiler is captured in a few README files that you can read here. We will not repeat the details here so please read the linked article.

Compile x86 project

x86 stands for instruction set for your laptop, which means that the project can be compiled and run on your machine without having to compile, load, and run it on your hex project. Being able to compile a project for your x86 host machine also provides the platform for being able to run unit-tests.

Unit-Test Framework



The development environment contains built-in code formatting tool. Each time you compile, it will first reformat the source code according to preset Google coding format.

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